Introducing this new 20' slide with landing
 Fire 'N Ice is the first two-story drop that gives riders the choice between two heights to begin their sliding adventure! The ladder leads to a first platform and then continues 3 1/2' higher to the second level. Your party will be on fire with this slide. 
Rent it as a dry slide with out landing
​Wet/Dry Slides
Big Tropical Wave Slide is the party favorite for all ages!!! Riders climb up the right side of this front-loading slide to arrive at the top of a ten-foot tall platform embellished with 2 palm trees and a rainbow! This tranquil setting leads to an exhilarating drop with a bump before the user splashes into the pool, at bottom. All riders love the thrill and with the stairs built into the units front side parents are able to view and monitor the kids merriment all day long!

This water slide will amaze you. Riders climb to the 10-foot tall platform and slide down, one at a time. During their deep descent, they experience several bumps and a final curve that swings them into a pool of water at bottom. This inflatable drop is like no other, giving the sliders the feel of riding a wave to the splashy end! The beautiful blue and white waves make the Surf-A-Curve a sight to "sea" and to experience.

Attendant available for hire
Price$20/hr (5 hour minimum)
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