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Jacobs Ladder
(22' x 17' x 9')
 This inflatable is a challenging attraction that always draws a crowd eager  to test their skills. Whether riders challenge themselves individually or turn it into a race, it's a fun game for everyone 
The Velcro Wall
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a fly on a wall? Well now you can find out when you get a running bounce and FLY against this Velcro Wall. This inflatable is 12 feet tall with a 19 foot runway to offer plenty of space for participants to run, jump and stick themselves to the wall. Whoever said "what goes up must come down" never played on a Velcro Wall.  Spread your arms and legs, spin, turn, run, hop, flip and jump your way into any position you desire.

Joust Arena
Anyone who remembers American Gladiators knows what the Joust Arena is all about. This interactive inflatable places two challengers on separate halves of an inflatable mound in the center of the arena. Each is equipped with a joust pole and protective head gear. This challenges makes for a fun time and is safe with it's high walls.

Sumo Wrestling with 10x10 Mat
This interactive needs no introduction. We have all seen those giant Sumo wrestlers go at each other trying to knock their opponent off the mat. Now it's your guest's chance to step into a Sumo wrestler's shoes and see just how fun it is and they won't have to go on a diet afterwards!

Basketball Shootout
15' x 13' x 13'
The Basketball Shootout is a one-of-a-kind dual basketball shootout game where participants will love to compete.  It features real basketball backboards which makes it challenging for kids and adults of all ages. The backboards can also be adjusted for 2 heights or kept at the same height for all participants!

****All Prices include Delivery*****
Gaga Pit Game
Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport
played in an octagonal pit. This game combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, all while trying to hit opponents with a soft ball below the knees. The more players the better!

Great FUN for ALL AGES .
Dunk Tank
This is great for a birthday party, fundraiser, carnival, camp event  or just for fun at home.  Everyone loves to be dunked or watch someone get dunked.  What a great addition to your event!

When set up it is 10' high and 6' from front to back
Please make sure you have a 5 1/2' gate or opening to get this into your event.